AT&T and Baby’s Journey

Keeping connected is important, especially when it involves your baby. At AT&T,  we understand your need for reliable, meaningful contact. That’s why we’ve partnered with Baby’s Journey, an innovator in juvenile products, to bring you a complete line of baby monitors that give you the things you need most: instant information about your baby’s health and secure, up-close monitoring.

Because modern life is mobile, so is healthcare. AT&T mHealth gives you access to and control of your health and wellness information from virtually anywhere. For more than ten years, we’ve been here to help bring technological solutions to life’s everyday needs.

Together with authorized licensee Baby’s Journey, we’re bringing you and your baby even closer. You can get unprecedented and important details about feedings, diapers, weight gain and sleep patterns. With AT&T mHealth Baby Monitors, you can keep every moment of the journey in the palm of your hand. It’s easy and it’s safe since your data is secured for your access on our mHealth server.

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