Digital Audio Monitor

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SMART TRAC Digital Audio Monitor
Listen to every coo, cry and giggle, from anywhere in your home
Know more about baby’s feedings, sleep, diapers & medicine
Soothe baby with two-way communication

Monitor Features

  • Two-way communication
  • Up to 600ft. range
  • Sound light indicators
  • Belt clip for portability
  • Flip out stand for tabletops use
  • Built-in rechargeable battery and A/C adapter
  • Log & Track baby’s key events such as feedings, sleep, diaper changes, & medicine
  • Navigation buttons make logging event inputs easy
  • Memory Feature stores past 12 events to look at a full day’s worth of data
  • Customize baby’s name and birth date
  • Power LED
  • Two-way communication
  • A/C Adapter
  • High quality microphone